Sweet 16 Country Western Party

Monday, October 18, 2010

Some photos from the event are shown below.  Prepare yourself, I am clearly not a) a photographer and b) great at narrowing down photos to only showcase a select few...  I promise, I left a whole lot of photos out of this blog (really, I did).

Invitations and paper party decor by Party Box Design!  Many of the country props are compliments of a dear friend.  I need to note the cookie vendor!  Delicious oreo balls made by my talented neighbor.  Cake from a local bakery.

Guests dressed according to the "Country Western" theme, danced the night away to the beats of a DJ, dined on good ol' southern cookin' with choices like fried chicken and, of course, red velvet cake.  This Midwest November night was more like a hot Southern boot stompin', chandelier swingin' barn party.  We loved it ya'll!

Party Box Design

As I started gathering everything for my daughter's country western themed 16th birthday party, I took a few pics of the decor. My poor dining room was overtaken for a while.

Project Junkie

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I have decided that I like projects. I just plain love 'em. If my children have a project due for school that is remotely creative, I get giddy. If something needs to be assembled - despite the fact that I have a husband in the trades - I am ALL over it. I like hands-on, do it yourself projects. This includes anything that involves planning details. I also love planning parties and decorating. My latest small projects include door posters for my fifteen year old daughter and her camp roommate and a tent for my one year old. My larger projects include planning my son's doubleheader for double digits 10th birthday party and my oldest's 16th country western style party.

I would probably be far more intense if I didn't work full time and go to school. Would it be obnoxious if I talked my husband into a craft room/workshop? My craft cabinet is almost at capacity. I secretly long to be Martha Stewart. My dream is to be an accomplished photographer, graphic artist, interior carpenter and woodworker, painter, scrap-booker, stamper and interior designer. Oh how I love being crafty and artistic. Oh how I love projects.

Time to Breathe

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July. Happy Birthday to the United States of America! What a great time to be festive with the family. This year, both my husband and I had a three day weekend. Well, part of the family. Our oldest spent the weekend at her friend's new house. We purchased a great playhouse for the 1 year old, attended a parade, set off smoke bombs and snappers with the kids, and cooked out on the grill. A lot. We had breakfast and dinner on the grill. It was delicious! My poor diet is suffering. What an amazing weekend with my lovely husband and children without a schedule to follow. Time to breathe. :)

"Why blog?", you ask...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

As the blog title suggests, I am inspired to craft a blog to capture our life together as a family. With a 15 year old, 9 year old and 9 month old, I feel the time slipping away. I want to ensure that all data is dumped. I wish I could sift through the archives of my brain and file each precious memory in an easily retrievable place. I will tell my story...if I remember it. :)