Valentine's Day Preparation

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pottery Barn Kids offered a card set with a robot, little girl, little boy astronaut and poodle that I picked up during the post-holiday sale last year.  I loved the vintage look and the clearance price and she loved the sweet images!  Though they have a new set this year that they offer with a similar feel, they no longer offer the set we picked up.

Since the preschool doesn't encourage food treats along with cards passed out, we opted for some fun rainbow and ball (basketball, soccer ball, football, etc.) erasers instead.  The erasers were on the end caps at Target, but I am not sure if they're still in stock.  To tie it together, I used my novice design skills and wording inspiration from posts across Pinterest to create a sandwich bag sized folding label.

  They look pretty cute all assembled and coordinate well with the cards.

We also picked up some adorable foam crafts (Owl and "Monster") for the Valentine's Day party from Oriental Trading.  They have fun putting their own creations together and no doubt there will be some hybrid Owl-Monsters.  I can't wait... ;)

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