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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I innocently clicked on a Pinterest post on a board dedicated to art work for a friend's young daughter's room. In my head "Ooooh I'd like that! How do I purchase one?" It looked quite beautiful and if it was for a toddler's room, it must have been fairly attainable right? Isn't everything in the world of Pinterest something easily translated into real life?

Enter the world of Laurence Amélie. This extraordinarily gifted painter's work instantly became my obsession. Small problem - it's highly popular and, while completely priced appropriately for fine one-of-a-kind art, a bit out of my price range for my own toddler's room.

Surely I can find a safe home for a painting like this (as shown in the gallery section of her site)...

I am not a student of art, so don't know the adequate terms and points of assessment when reacting to art. But, I can appreciate artistic talent. The dancing tutus invoke a feeling that Earth's elements helped to inspire the painter to create free-flowing movement on canvas. The colors are so soothing and delicate, but moody at the same time. Simply breathtaking.

It seems that Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic has partnered with this painter to offer Amélie's work in her stores and online as well. The florals are equally as stunning as the tutus. I can see why the Shabby Chic style is a perfect pairing with this art.

So, while I admire the above work that does not belong to me from afar, I would like to call attention to its beauty. Fooled again Pinterest, fooled again. Ah, but what a wonderful splurge it would be.

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