Summer Reading Challenge

Friday, May 31, 2013

I believe that reading to your children is a gift and such a pleasure.  Toddlers, in particular, love story time.  We have collected many books over the years between three children.  It is my goal to get through as many of them with her as possible and document them for her to look back on and perhaps showcase her list to her class at the close of summer for Show and Tell.  She even has a Kindle reader that can serve as another way to achieve reading success this summer.

Take on the reading challenge.  Whether it's one book per day, number of minutes of reading time, or another goal, turn off the television and read.  I have challenged my other family members to get in on the plan and read with her as well.  Soon enough, she'll be reading to us!  Here are just a few of her favorites.

As always, credit goes to the authors, illustrators, publishers, etc.

This evening, we read:
Aurora and the Helpful Dragon

My "just turned four" year old discussed the characters, problem, solution, etc. with me.  She even gave me this sweet recap: "He breathes fire and hides under Aurora's dress because the king and queen didn't like dragons.  But then they told them that Crackle is nice.  He showed he was brave and helpful.  Then, he showed his tail to them."

Not only does my littlest love for people to read to her, but she is mastering storyline memorization as well as illustration and work recognition.  This is her at age three reading a favorite from Dr. Suess, "Green Eggs and Ham" with a lot of gusto I might add...


Laura Tieri said...

Hello! I just wandered over here from your comment on Little Pumpkin Grace's blog. Doesn't she have some neat parties going on there!
Wow, you most certainly have your hands full with three kids of all ages & a career! I'm 50 years old & it amazes me that kids are still reading Dr. Seuss like I did! I guess the classics never die. Your little girl is a cutie pie, isn't she! I'm a big reader & crafter. I like to see kids that are interested in those things at a young age.

Capture Our Lives said...

Hi Laura. :) I agree! I am a huge fan of Jessica at Little Pumpkin Grace. She has an amazing heart, a lovely family and boundless energy and creativity. I do also have my hands full, but wouldn't have it any other way.

I also love that Dr. Seuss remains a "big deal". The Horton Hears a Who, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Cat in the Hat and Lorax movies are family favorites. My youngest's preschool actually does a huge display of art each year around Dr. Seuss's birthday and the classes have Dr. Seuss theme days. Her cousin had a Dr. Seuss party and my team of recent college grads designed a Dr. Seuss inspired program graduation. His classics certainly do span many generations! We are also big "Golden Book" readers here too.

Reading and crafting are #1 requests here, so you'll probably see me write on about those topics every once in a while. Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words.

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